Your Path to Business Technology Services
Network Infrastructure
We design, supply, install and support
every aspect of your network. From a
simple, small office system to a large,
multi-site and fully mobile integrated IT
We can provide you with netowork
solutions to quickly detect, diagnose,
and resolve network outages and
performance issues that are designed
to deliver the critical information you
need most.
We design, supply, and install virtualized
datacenters on the server & network
level to eliminate excess and unused
servers capacity to reduce as 60% of
your costs. The combined services can
enable elimination of planned downtime,
and be prepared for rapid recovery.
Unified Communication
Network Management
DataCenter & Computing
Unified Communications uses the network
as a platform for collaboration.
Applications can be flexibly deployed
onsite, on-demand, and in blended
deployment models. A variety of solutions
available are conferencing, customer
contact centers, IP Communications, ..
Network Security
We can help in analysing the threats
and in helping protect your network and
users from network attacks while also
delivering the benefits of anytime,
anywhere access through a variaty of
our solutions like VPNs, firewalls, and
Anti-x solutions
Service Provider Solutions
Through our expertise and wide
knowlege with Mobile operator and
Service Provider networks, we can
provide a different set of services
including MPLS, Opmtization, SMS/MMS
filtering, content filtering, advance
reporting and more.
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Alpha Hub
Our experts will focus on your IT needs, evaluate the
current state of your network, add recommendations,
and make any necessary changes to optimize your
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